Wild by Nature provide hands-on, affordable safari-style adventure experiences, which aim to connect people with nature and foster an appreciation for Heritage.


Our Canoe Safaris, Bushcraft Days and Mountain Treks explore areas close by, or within, Loch Lomond and Trossachs national park.

“It was a tremendous experience and I'd recommend it to anyone”

Heather, Scotland


Fun - Adventure - Conservation

  • Canoe Safaris
    Canoe Safaris

    Journey through the coasts and islands of Loch Lomond. We will provide training, equipment and support to ensure your adventure remains a top class experience

  • Sea Kayaking
    Sea Kayaking

    Explore the nooks and crannies of the west coast of Scotland and enjoy the freedom and closeness to the 'real world' that sea kayaking brings

  • Mountain Days
    Mountain Days

    Trek with your guide up high where the eagles fly on some of Scotland’s scenic classic mountains

  • Urban Adventure
    Urban Adventure

    A hands on tailor made range of adventure activities enjoying venues around and close to greater Glasgow

  • Bushcraft, Survival & Heritage
    Bushcraft, Survival & Heritage

    Forage and learn the rudiments of survival with experiences trainers, exploring  scenic low lying mostly forested areas

  • African Expeditions
    African Expeditions

    Every Winter our Wild Side Africa programme aims to facilitate a minimum of three expeditions to East Africa

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