Sea Kayaking


The Ultimate Freedom

Welcome to our sea kayaking safari with Wild by Nature. Below is an outline of our main itineraries and venues, though other bespoke adventures can be made available depending on client preferences. Our safaris are run on a day, or multi-day basis involving wild camping or bothy nights.

Outdoor Leader ready to paddleOutdoor Leader ready to paddle

Our seasoned outdoor leaders have a  love for the sea, this experience in particular allows guests to easily engage with the natural world whilst learning from your guide. Sea kayak safari's are ideal for exploring the nooks and crannies of the west coast of Scotland and enjoying the freedom and closeness to the 'real world' that sea kayaking brings. It is always a social event and ideal to meet new people or get to know old friends better, whilst enjoying the relaxation of journeying by kayak, the 'Ultimate Freedom'.


Sea Kayaking Safari

Single Day Paddles: Arranged on demand

Designed as an introduction and familiarisation event, Wild by Nature provides easy single day sea kayaking paddles, each of around 10k in distance. Depending on prevailing weather, there are a variety of exciting venues available to us. You could be off on a hunt to meet the Hunterston dolphin on a circumnavigation of Little Cumbrae island on the Firth of Clyde, or have the chance of seeing the Sea Otters on Loch Long as you paddle down its fiord like coast from Finart on a visit to Carrick Castle in Loch Goil. If weather conditions are really poor – or if it's simply your preferred choice - Wild by Nature will give you the option of paddling on Loch Lomond amongst its sheltered islands. This uniquely Scottish place is also ideal for 'get wet' sessions if your group wishes to practice rescue techniques and recovery stroke techniques.

All these areas provide a cross section of historic, industrial and natural interest as well as beautiful scenery. Whichever area is chosen, you will be able to develop the basic skills of sea paddling and get a feel of the bigger adventure that awaits you on a full 'Sea Kayaking Safari.'

Crystal clear waters ScotlandCrystal clear waters Scotland


Iconic Scotland

Moidart Safari (Prices and dates: See below)

This is a three day event ideal for a first kayaking visit to the beautiful west coast of Scotland. The classic views of the Small Isles are stunning on this trip and it gives you the opportunity to get up close to the coastal sea life.  Explore the nooks and crannies of secluded coves; take in the tropical blue seas back lit by silver sands. Watch in awe as the Solan Geese (Gannets) pierce the water at speeds of up to 90 mph in their hunt for fish: and embrace the cultural past of Scotland and its highland clan chiefs as you paddle under the ramparts of ruined castles and tower houses.

The Moidart Safari includes two nights wild camping and, weather permitting, some of the most wonderful sunsets imaginable. It will allow you to experience first hand some of the best features of ‘Iconic Scotland’.

Sunset over seaSunset over sea



Trip of Lifetimes


Morar Safari (Prices and dates: See below)


The Morar Safari is and extended five day expedition exploring some of the most remote coastline and secluded sea lochs in Scotland. It requires a level of self sufficiency and commitment as access to road links can literarily be a day’s paddle away. Imagine not hearing the sound of an internal combustion engine for days…only the sounds of the water dripping off your paddle and the call of oystercatchers. Visiting such remote areas promises a variety of encounters with wild life; red deer, wild goats, seals, otters and abundance of sea birds. If the weather is favourable the expedition offers you a chance to undertake a first open crossing to the coast of Skye and an experience of tidal currents on the approaches to Kyle Rhea.


Morar is an area steeped in history, with many of its sons and daughter’s becoming prominent figures in the world as a result of their forced departure during Highland Clearances, the scars of which still remain on the landscape for you to see and explore. Allow yourself to touch the real world; past and present, on this ‘Trip of Lifetimes.’

Beach BBQ whilst on expeditionBeach BBQ whilst on expedition